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The future of housing

Factory-built houses are on the cutting edge of home innovation and craftsmanship, streamlining the building process by using high-end materials in a climate-controlled facility. Prefab homes appreciate over time, and can be completely constructed sooner than it takes some site-built homes to break ground. And they’re the affordable choice, too. Finding personalized, budget-friendly housing is a challenge across the country, but the accessible price point of today’s manufactured houses means that home ownership is well within reach. Your future looks bright with a new manufactured home.

Built to grow in value

Manufactured and modular homes have stayed affordable and accessible for homebuyers at all price points, with the average national price of a prefab house remaining reasonable at $53,300—nearly $190,000 less than their site-built counterparts. What’s more, factory-built homes appreciated six percentage points faster than site-built homes between 2014 and 2019, with the median value of a manufactured house rising 39 percent in five years, making them a smart long-term investment.

Customized just for you

You deserve a home that’s uniquely built to meet your needs. Prefab home manufacturers make personalization a key tenet of their construction process, offering a range of diverse floorplans, luxury upgrades, and high-end add-ons to make your home truly a reflection of you. Why settle for a house that’s just like everyone else, or spend thousands upgrading a site-built home? Manufactured and modular homes come delivered with every element customized to meet your needs, right down to the last detail.

The eco-friendly choice

If you’re searching for a way to go green as a new homebuyer, look no further than a factory-built house. From day one, your manufactured or modular home is an environmentally-friendly build, constructed in an efficient, climate-controlled environment. After arriving on your property, your manufactured home has been expertly crafted to use less energy—up to 50 percent less—than its site-built counterparts, all while being easily customized with a range of EnergyStar appliances to reduce your carbon footprint even further.

Durability to last a lifetime

We know that safety is the top priority when it comes to your new home, and no houses are more regulated for security and durability than factory-built homes. Manufactured houses are not only required to meet national building codes set by HUD, but also undergo rigorous testing to ensure they can stand up to severe, location-specific weather like high winds and extreme temperatures. In fact, a 2014 study found that prefab homes not only perform as well as their site-built counterparts in severe weather, but they often outperform them. So no matter the weather, your prefab home is a place to rest easy.

Manufactured or modular?

There are key differences between the two main types of prefab homes: manufactured and modular. While both are built in a climate-controlled environment, manufactured homes are constructed to meet the requirements of the rigorous national HUD code, while modular homes are required to abide by all state and local building codes. What’s more, manufactured homes are largely transported to the land they will call home in one piece, while modular homes arrive in multiple pieces and are assembled on site. Both options are high-quality choices—it all comes down to deciding the best option for you.

Built where you want to live

When you wake up each morning, do you want to be greeted by neighbors sipping coffee on their front porch—or no neighbors at all? When choosing what your ideal lifestyle looks like, there are few decisions more important than location, location, location. A new manufactured home can fit seamlessly and simply into practically all landscapes—from already-purchased land in the countryside to a family-friendly neighborhood lot—proving once again to be the sort of customizable, adaptable housing that works to make dreams a reality no matter where you want to call home.

Prefab homes for every lifestyle

A home should have the ability to grow with you through different life stages, and there’s no better way to be met exactly where you are in your journey — at a price you can afford — than with a manufactured or modular home. Factory-built homes can just as easily be customized to meet the needs of a growing family as a downsizing retiree looking to trade a site-built empty nest for a refreshing start. Factory-built homes are always constructed with your satisfaction in mind, because you should never have to settle for less.

Find your new home

By this point, you’ve read all about how manufactured homes can be personalized with luxury finishes; you know they check all the boxes for quality and affordability; and you’re excited that they cater to your one-of-a-kind lifestyle with a wide range of floor plans. Now it’s time to explore for yourself. Browse through detailed listings of current model homes—including 3D tours—and start picturing yourself cooking dinner in your new chef’s kitchen or relaxing in your soaking tub.

Know your manufacturer

There’s nothing quite like having confidence in your home builder, which is why we want buyers to rest easy with the confidence that each prefab home is built to rigorous federal standards based on the home’s final location. Manufacturers of prefab homes not only make customization the top priority, but have specialized knowledge about how to best construct durable, weather-resistant homes for your specific conditions. Browse manufacturers who provide homes for your state today to learn more about their expertise.

Meet your retailer

The manufactured housing industry is all about relationships, and our retailers are on the front lines to make you feel welcomed into the factory-built housing family. These helpful, knowledgeable salespeople can help you navigate the manufactured home buying process from start to finish, ensuring that you’re always feeling informed and empowered as you decide on the home of your dreams in the location you’ve always imagined. Browse retailers today and find a manufactured home sales center in your area today.